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What Is Emu Oil? A Review Of Emu Oil Uses And Benefits

concerned_SThere are many emu oil uses and benefits that are just now being discovered even though native Australians have been using it for a very long time.

This Emu oil review will examine what it is, how safe it is, and what it can be used for. Many people claim that it can treat a wide variety of ailments.

One potential problem that exists is that commercially marketed emu oil, supplements, and other products, are not heavily  regulated by any government agencies.

This means that people who would like to purchase this oil need to know how to avoid scams and inferior products. This is easily done by learning how to find oil that has been tested and certified as pure by independent labs.

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Historical Uses Of Emu Oil

The emu is a flightless bird that is a relative of the ostrich.  While it is native to Australia they are now found in many other countries, with about 1 million birds being raised in the US alone. Emu meat is edible and low in fat and cholesterol and compares favorably to other lean meats.

To the Aborigines the emu was an important source of protein. They also discovered that the fat has medicinal properties, and learned how to render it into an oil that was used for a broad range of applications.

Today the oil can be put through a process that refines and purifies it for use in medicines and  cosmetics. The oil has natural transdermal and deep penetrating properties that can be used as  an effective remedy for many different skin disorders and other physical problems.

Is Emu Oil Safe To Use?

Woman about to swallow a supplementFor thousands of years native Australians have used the oil on their skin, and in the treatment of inflammation in the joints and muscles with no side effects. This product is considered to be so safe it can be taken internally for improving cholesterol levels among other things.

One government study concluded that it’s use did not have any of the more potentially dangerous side-effects associated with NSAIDs or certain and other anti-arthritic drugs. Other studies have found no averse side effects from using it.

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What Are The Benefits Of Emu Oil?

This oil is well suited for many cosmetic and medicinal applications. It is found in many topical skin products such as face and body moisturizers. You may already be using it if kalaya oil is listed in the ingredients of any of your personal care products.

Due to it’s deep penetrating properties it has also been used in many products designed for the relief of arthritis pain, muscle soreness, or joint stiffness. It is also used in shampoos and other hair care products.

One of the biggest benefits of emu oil along with it’s healing properties is that in pure form it is Non-Toxic, Hypo-Allergenic, Non-Comedogenic (not pore clogging),  a Non-Ocular Irritant  (won’t irritate eyes), and it is bio-degradable.

What Is Emu Oil Good For?

It can be used as a:

Moisturizer that helps to build and maintain healthy skin and replenishes the skin’s natural oils and adds vital moisture to dry damaged tissue.

Treatment for stubborn skin conditions that produce itching, redness, cracking, peeling, and scaling.

 Stretch Marks and Scar treatment by hydrating and restoring damaged skin.

Natural source of essential fatty acids Omega 3, 6, and 9, these natural compounds moisturize, nourish, soothe, and protect the skin.

Health Supplement the essential fatty acids and antioxidants it contains contributes to heart and vascular health and is good for overall health.

Anti-inflammatory Agent as a natural treatment for sore muscles or achy joints and to help reduce the inflammation and swelling of arthritic joints.

Mineral oil replacement. Mineral oil is a petrochemical that has received a lot of bad press lately

Natural treatment for minor injuries. It relieves the pain and inflammation without stinging or burning, plus it aids in the healing process.

Burn cream that is very effective on burns of all types including sunburn. Studies have confirmed it’s effectiveness and that it dramatically reduces scarring and blistering while repairing the tissue and restoring elasticity.

Hair Care Product to restore damaged scalp and hair. It can be used as a fortifying agent for limp or dry hair and to restores a natural healthy shine.

Emu Oil Has Been Claimed To Benefit People With:

  • Arthritis
  • Rheumatism
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Cuts,  Scrapes, and Minor Injuries
  • Aches and Pains
  • Burns
  • Sunburns
  • Insect Bites
  • Other Applications

Additional oil applications include pet care products and many other uses.

Emu Oil Reviews – What Are People Saying?

georgide on  makeupally said-

I am in an oil obsession right now and emu oil started it. I read reviews online that it is basically a cure-all for all types of things and I totally buy into the hype!

JimP, on Web MD wrote -

A friend with chronic knee pain told me he rubs emu oil behind his knees for relief. I had chronic knee pain from over-exertion years ago. I tried this remedy, and it worked. No more knee pain.

Melissa from Michigan claimed -

I am an arthritis and TMJ sufferer who cannot take traditional anti-inflammatories and/or pain relievers anymore, due to the stomach upset they cause me. After trying your 100% Emu Oil, I realized that I had found the best thing…. is simply the best for temporary pain relief and swelling reduction. I use Emu Oil on my facial rosacea and eczema/psoriasis flare-ups as well.

Caution! Before You Order Emu Oil From Anywhere Read This

This complex oil when properly processed is non-toxic, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory. It is an excellent moisturizer and emollient used by itself or with other products for soothing and softening the skin.

Only purchase from reputable distributors! The commercial emu oil market has products that can vary widely in purity and potency. Due to it’s increasing popularity and lax regulations some manufacturers will sell unrefined or improperly processed emu oil.

Pure emu oil product picUnrefined or improperly processed oil may still contain contaminants and impurities. You can guard against this by checking the label or website to confirm that it has been certified by the American Emu Association (AEA).

AEA Certification means that it is pure emu oil that has been scientifically tested at the time of processing by an independent AOCS certified chemist. The analsis confirms that it meets the stringent specifications for Grade A Fully Refined Emu Oil as required by the Emu Oil Trade Rules.

It is sold in stores but to get the best price is is better to buy direct from the distributor online. This way you get the freshest product that is real, certified and completely guaranteed.

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